Karishma helped Lan to walk again

Lan is 27 years old, from Cantho in the Mekong Delta. Seven years ago, while working in Ho Chi Minh City, she contracted TB meningitis which left her fighting for her life and paralysed from the waist down. Her parents could not afford rehabilitation, medical care or even a wheelchair, so Lan returned to the countryside where her parents did their best to care for her at home. She stayed for many years in the same room, unable to move, until her sister brought her to Ho Chi Minh City. There Lan met a group of expatriates who raised money for her to have a wheelchair and physiotherapy. When Karishma and her parents heard about Lan’s story, they were moved to help her further.

Karishma used proceeds from her art auction to pay for a leg orthosis for Lan. This device will support Lan to walk as she becomes stronger. Karishma also paid for Lan to have an operation to cut the tendons in her groin and ankles, which will enable her to stand up more freely with the help of the orthosis. The medical experts expect Lan to walk again one day with ongoing support and physiotherapy. Karishma is delighted to help Lan on her journey…

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