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Karishma gave me the painting before I moved from Vietnam to US. At that time, I was living in a different country from my family and Karishma has a personal backstory for me behind this painting… the 2-pc painting speaks to my situation; when I am with my family, it can be brought together as one whole, and that when we’re apart, they can take one-half and I can take the other-half. Since then, the painting has travelled with me from Vietnam, to US and now, Thailand. It reminds me of a wonderful girl who has such a great gift and is a blessing to everyone around her. Dear Karishma, you are such a sweet, talented and thoughtful girl. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Cheers,


I would like to thank you so much for the generous gift I got in Michigan. The calendar and all the painting are so wonderful. My favorites are the butterflies, the Deep Peace, the Boating in the sunset, the Lanterns of Hoi An, the confusion and and and… You have a great talent and a generous way of supporting others with your art!
Stay like you are and continue to paint.
With best wishes from Germany.


At the first time I saw the paintings, I am immediately touched by the creativity and vision. Every painting tells a story from her soul. This painting is called “Helping Hands”. The world needs helping hands – making it a better place. At PepsiCo, we established “Helping Hands” employee voluntary program across region because we as a company care deeply about the community we operate in. The purpose is to engage our employees to offer help to contribute positively to our community. There is no better painting depicting the spirit of “Helping Hands” than this one – warm and colorful color showing the wonderful world we live in because you and I care about it and make it better every day with our Helping Hands!


I just received Karishma’s painting entitled ‘Nostalgia’. It is absolutely stunning. The colors are so vibrant and it is beautifully framed. I love the way it looks hanging on my wall. The painting was shipped from India to my home in Connecticut, USA and arrived 4 days after it was shipped. Congratulations Karishma on all that you have accomplished.

Carrie Wells

The Blue Sky, The Orange Sun, The Green Earth. What lively colors! What bold shades! What precise strokes! What vivid patterns the creator of this scene uses to make one go dumbfounded. One might think that to view the marvelous spectacle where these three elements unify, one needs to be at a place like a hill top or a valley but the fact is, that I see this marvel daily and whenever I do, a breeze of elation envelopes me. The breeze whispers a tale of the one who created these elements and brought them together to make it a wonderful manifestation. Karishma, a miracle in literal terms is not just my sister but a budding artist. Or I dare say an “established” artist! The magic that she creates with her paintings is so peculiar. The artist expresses through the paintings. And her paintings speak about the artist in return. What a bliss! Her 3 piece painting is the first and only painting hung on my home walls. Seeing Karishma articulate her feelings through painting is nothing short of a sensation. It’s a joy, a pleasure to see the paintings and even a bigger happiness to get reminded of the artist who is just the synonym of her name. Karishma – The Miracle! God bless her and may she keep finding her ecstasy in painting and delight the lives of others through them.

Preethika & Kandarp

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