Karishma’s Speech at United Nations, Geneva

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!  

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

My name is Karishma Kannan. 

I am from India. I am 27 years Old. 

I am an artist, I Love to paint and dance.

I have my own Studio. I call it Studio 21UP.

In my studio, I also teach Zumba and yoga. 

We have camps with my friends. 

We learn to live independent life!

I also love to help other friends with 

Down Syndrome.

I help babies with heart problem. 

I help to give Life!

Life is so beautiful!

My Family

I have a happy family. 

My father, my mother, my sister and me.

My family supports me always. 

I Love my happy family. 

My family is my strength.

So, I know I am very strong…

My Country

I love my country India.

I support ‘Swatch Bharat’ – Meaning 

Clean India

I like to keep my country clean.

My Challenges

Like everybody, I also have my challenges.

Today, I am very nervous to speak. 

But I am happy to be heard!

I cannot read and write very fast, 

I am slow. 

But I like to talk to all of you. 

I am different. But I am same like you all.

Different, but same same!

I love you all so much. 

Do you love me???

My Dreams

I have BIG dreams! My Studio is my dream.

In my studio everybody is equal and included.

Everybody can have fun together.

We dance, we paint, we cook, we do yoga, we learn, we work together.

I want the whole world to be like my Studio.

I now dream to have my own coffee shop. 

I want to give jobs to more friends with Down Syndrome. 

My dream is to make all happy, 

And leave no one behind. 

So, I work very hard. And I always smile.

My Message…

Believe in yourself.

I Can, You Can, We All Can…

Always Smile and be Happy!

Thank You!

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